Illusions is the first of all pleasures! – Voltaire, 1756

Do you trust your senses? Did they ever deceive you?

In the House of Illusions your Isenses will be put to a serious test. But doing so you will have a lot of fun and you will learn new things. Are you ready for the unforgettable adventure? 

What can I expect in the House of Illusions?

There are more than 70 exhibits waiting for you. Among others you can get a photo in a room that totally defies the laws of gravity, you can have your friends head for your lunch, have a party in the middle of the day and only for the brave – a walk through the Vortex tunnel. At the end you will test your brain and patience while assembling our incredible mind games.

Indulge yourself in a whole new experience and have fun with your friends or family. Kids just love the world of illusions, but it is also a great adventure for parents, couples and grandparents! Experience it by yourself.

Do you know what illusions are?

Illusions  trick our brain and our senses into believing what we are seeing is the truth. Our brain gets tricked by illusions, usually by receiving too much different information at once so it shows us a different truth from the one that really appears on paper. Each brain works differently (to a degree) so every person perceives Illusions differently. Do you want to know how you will experience our illusions?

When can I visit House of Illusions?

We are open every day from 9AM till 9PM. Pick the time that suits you best and explore the world of illusions.

Be sure to bring your camera or smartphone with you. You will make some great photos that you will want to share them with your friends.

Where can I find House of Illusions?

We are located on the Congress square 13.

See you in the world of illusions – see you in the House of Illusions.