Do you trust your senses? Did they ever deceive you? Prepare yourself because in the House of Illusions your senses will be on a serious test.

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The Vortex Tunnel

This attraction is not for everyone. And we mean it. If you can’t handle the vertigo, it’s better you stay out of the tunnel. If you’re brave enough, prepare for the best experience. You think you can handle it? Think you can walk straight when your brain and senses are completely scrambled? See you at the other end of the tunnel.


Ames Room

Something strange is happening here. When people enter the room, they get squeezed or stretched in a matter of seconds. Some become dwarves, other grow into giants. Have you ever wanted to look down at your parents or friend? Make that dream a reality in the House!


Upside-down room

This room is so weird it defies gravity. It’s also one of the most photographed rooms in the house. Strike the pose, snap the photo, upside-down! Only your imagination is the limit.


Face Mashup

Have you ever wanted to change your nose or even your whole face but it was too crazy, painful or costly to do it? Now it is possible and even easy. Just choose between visitors or friends and agree to change your faces using our funny “face mashup”. 


Head on a plate

Are you hungry? We have prepared you favorite meal, your friends head! Don’t worry nobody will get hurt. Don’t forget to take a photo.


Disco Room

Do you like to party? Then our disco room is a must for you! A unique room, where you´re free to dance, sing and simply enjoy the moment by yourself or with your friends and family. Don´t forget to take photos - everyone will be envious, guaranteed!


Get to know the mystery of colors

We present you the most famous additive model of color mixing - RGB (red, green, blue). The model consists of three main (primary) colors and relates to the physiology of the human eye. In this model, if the colored lights are all pointed into the same spot and all working at the same intensity (luminosity), they create the color white in the centrepoint, where they overlap. This RGB model is also used by displays (in the form of diodes) and projectors.



The best selfie in town! You can even print it and take it home as a wonderful souvenir. Come and check it out.


Optical Illusions

Don’t just blindly believe your eyes, because they are not perfect and neither is our brain. Figure out the secrets behind these illusions!


Face Illusion

Watch out, there is a man observing your every step!? Do step closer and see how is this possible. Is there something wrong with his face?


True Mirror

Did you know that mirrors lie? People don’t see you the way you see yourself when you look in the mirror. Do you dare to see what you really look like?

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