General Terms and Conditions


1.1. These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: GTC) define the terms of business of the company DTG d.o.o. (hereinafter: DTG) in its business unit Hiša Iluzij, Kongresni trg 13, 1000 Ljubljana (hereinafter: House of Illusions) and in other business units where DTG would commence its business operations after the adoption of GTC, as far as separate terms are not adopted for individual units.


2.1. Entry to House of Illusions is permitted to visitors during opening hours of House of Illusions which is determined by DTG at their sole discretion. For visiting v visitors are obligated to pay an entrance fee in accordance with the price list of DTG, valid on the day of the visit.

2.2. Persons under fifteen years are permitted to visit only when accompanied by an adult. In exceptional cases visit is possible also without companionship of an adult in case a parent or a legal guardian signs a statement approving independent visit of the child in House of Illusions. DTG assumes no responsibility for children under the age of 15 who visit House of Illusions without companionship or approval and reserve the right to reject the visit in such case. Statement of the parent of legal guardian is kept by House of Illusions until the end of the visiting day of the child for which the statement was given at the reception of House of Illusions, after that, the statement is handed to the archive of House of Illusions where it is kept for evidence purposes for five years from the visiting day. In case of damages caused by the child or involving the child, House of Illusions can keep the statement even until the end of the damages claim procedure or until the payment of damages. The archive can be accessed by the legal representative of DTG and the manager of House of Illusions.

2.3. DTG reserves the right to close in part of in whole House of Illusions for public due to public interest or other interest (i.e. renovation, partial lease of the space, celebrations, etc.). House of Illusions shall inform the visitor at the time of visit, or closure, thereof.

2.4. Animals can enter House of Illusions if they are registered as animas for aid or assistance to disable people, and those animals which have the appropriate equipment for protection of other visitors and their own protection (obligatory use of leash, muzzle, or a closed basked, etc.).


3.1. House of Illusions is open all days in the week, all days in the year, from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. DTG reserves the right to close earlier on individual days due to special events. The public is notified thereof through media channels of DTG, such as Facebook and the webpage. House of Illusions reserves the right to close for public completely.

3.2. The staff of House of Illusions reserves the right to request from the visitors 15 minutes prior to the closing to start moving to the exit for purposes of leaving House of Illusions at the end of working hours.

3.3. All celebrations or events organised in the House of Illusions in accordance with DTG must finish at least half an hour before closing time in order to ensure exit from the House of Illusions by the end of working hours.


4.1. DTG enables reservation of group visits of the House of Illusions (such as schools, groups, birthday celebrations, etc.). These visits are payable in accordance with the valid rules of DTG. In case that the customer does not make the visit on the day of the reservation or the reservation is not cancelled at least 48 hours before, DTG reserves the right to keep any reservation fee for the visit to cover its costs. In case of cancelling the reservation 48 hours and up to 7 days before the intended visits, DTG reserves the right to keep half of the reservation fee. For any cancellations of 7 and more days before the intended visit DTG shall return the paid reservation fee in whole.

4.2. For confirmation of reservation for group visits a payment of reservation fee is required in the amount of 100% of the value of the visit pursuant to the rules of DTG on the day of payment of the reservation fee, subject to a proforma issued by DTG, in case the client and DTG don’t agree otherwise.

4.3. In case a group visit must be cancelled due to unforeseen reasons by DTG, DTG shall reimburse the client the reservation fee in full.

4.4. In case of group visits of House of Illusions by persons under the age of 15, the group must be accompanied by two adults who take responsibility for the children as DTG assumes no responsibility for such persons. Organiser of such group visit must ensure that the legal guardians of every child consent to such visit in company of 2 adults. DTG is not obligated to verify this obligation of the organiser, however in case of reasonable doubt that the consent of the legal guardians is not given restrict from visiting House of Illusions. DTG does not assume any responsibility for persons under the age of 15 who visit House of Illusions contrary to the provisions of this paragraph. In case House of Illusions acquires the consent of the legal guardian the consent is kept in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 2.2. of GTC.

4.5. For purchase of tickets for certain persons (i.e. younger than 5 years, families) DTG enables a special discount (family tickets) or even free of charge entry (children younger than 5 years). Notwithstanding, in case of organised group visits (i.e. schools, nurseries) DTG reserves the right to charge every person a ticket pursuant to the prices for group visits in accordance with DTG’s valid rules.

4.6. DTG will inform every customer or organiser of group visits of its prices for visits of organised groups when they place an order.


5.1. Purchase of tickets for visiting House of Illusions is possible at the House of Illusions’s cashier, pursuant to the valid price list valid on the day of visit. Tickets are valid for only that number of persons and category of persons as stipulated on the tickets. Visit is possible only on the day stipulated on the ticket. The ticket and the receipt issued with the ticket has to be kept by the visitors throughout the visits and the exiting as proof of purchase.

5.2. Tickets cannot be exchanged for money and no refund can be requested for them. In case a visitor believes that they are entitled to a refund because they did not receive what they were expecting, then the visitor is obligated to file a complaint with an appropriate person of House of Illusions who decides on that complaint.

5.3. House of Illusions reserves the rights to change the prices at any time by publicly announce the change of the price list. All changes are valid from the day of the public announcement.

5.4. DTG enables purchase of gift certificates. Gift certificates can be issued for a certain amount or for a certain number of tickets. Gift certificates have no validity date and can be used any time during working hours of the House of Illusions for the purpose stipulated on the gift certificate. It is considered that the bearer of the gift certificate is the actual beneficiary.


6.1. Consumption of food and beverages is not permitted in House of Illusions except in cases of different agreement with the management and in specially designated place.

6.2. It is prohibited from bringing large luggage into House of Illusions which surpass the dimensions of personal bag or purse. Objects which they bring with them (i.e. bags, umbrellas, coats, etc.) the visitors can leave in a designated space, however DTG does not assume any responsibility for loss thereof or damages thereto. In case of organised events (i.e. school visits, birthday celebrations, etc.) the staff can request that any such object are deposited in a specially designated space for facilitating the execution of the event and for ensuring safety. Visitors are not allowed to leave any object of greater value unattended because DTG does not assume any responsibility for loss thereof or damages thereto.

6.3. In case any objects are found in the House of Illusions which were left by the visitors and it is not possible to establish the owner of such object, those object shall be kept for a maximum of seven days where upon they shall be destroyed and a report shall be drafted thereof. Any objects of greater value shall be handed over to the police.


7.1. A video surveillance is undergoing in the House of Illusions in order to ensure security of visitors and the space. Video surveillance is undergoing in exhibition part of the House of Illusions. All recordings are kept on a disc in House of Illusions and can be accessed only by the legal representative of DTG and manager of House of Illusions, namely they are kept for a period of one month after which time the recordings are deleted in accordance with the legislation on protection of personal data.

7.2. By visiting House of Illusions, the visitors agree with the video surveillance.


8.1. It is permitted to photograph and record in House of Illusions except in those parts where it is expressly prohibited. The visitors can use these photographs and recordings for personal use only and not for commercial use, unless they’ve acquired an adequate approval from DTG.

8.2. Any recording in House of Illusions for commercial or professional use has to be agreed with and approved by the management of House of Illusions.


9.1. For purposes of improving user experience DTG undertakes to understand different needs, preferences and expectations of the visitors, as well as the structure of the visitor, as this can help improving the services, products, offer. For this purpose House of Illusions undertakes activities by which persona and confidential data of the visitors is collected before, during and after the visit.

9.2. Data that is being collected is defined by these GTC or in the rules of individual activities being undertaken in House of Illusions. All data is collected and processed in accordance with the legal regulations on protection of personal data. What visitor’s data is collected, processed and stored depends on services, products and offer of DTG that the visitor is using.

9.3. By reserving individual services of House of Illusions or group visits DTG can store data on name and surname of the visitor or buyer, e-mail and contact phone number of the buyer as well as the address of the buyer (in case when the tickets or receipt of purchase has to be sent to the buyer’s regular address), data on the order and using the order, and all correspondence with the buyer or the visitor. This data is store for reasons of possible later complaints or disputes and are stored in DTG database for 10 years. This data can be accessed by employees of DTG and the legal representative of DTG, for purposes of verifying and executing the services from the reservation. Data is stored in electronic form, in a cloud, this data is entered in the database by the manager of House of Illusions or a person who is specifically authorised by the manager of House of Illusions and access to this data is limited only to employees of DTG. This data can also be stored in an electronic system for issuing tickets (e.g. tax cashier).

9.4. When purchasing tickets or products at the cashier of House of Illusions the visitors can be asked to provide information on gender, age, place of living, purpose of visiting, for purposes of conducting an analysis of visitors of House of Illusions in order to improve the user experience. Data is stored in the database of DTG for five years. Visitors have the right to refuse providing any of the said data. Because data is not stored associated with a name later request for ceasing the processing would not be possible so rejection to provide the said data must be given immediately.

9.5. Personal data collected as part of a game of chance conducted by DTG is collected, handled, processed etc. in accordance with the rules on games of chance. Those rules also define the rights regarding cancellation of consent.

9.6. DTG reserves the right to perform certain promotional activities which provide individual benefits, whereas DTG uses the collected data for sending marketing and sales e-mail messages. In addition to the e-mail data on name and surname, age, gender, residence and other data can be collected, as it is explicitly defined by individual promotional activity with an internal act of DTG. Data is collected for purposes of segmenting marketing and sales messages so that the individuals are not receiving messages with content not interesting or related to them. Individuals are appropriately informed of purpose of collecting personal data before or at the time of collection, enabling them not to provide personal data. Data is stored in DTG database for 5 years. Individuals have the right to request cancellation of use or handling of personal data by sending an e-mail to

9.7. Personal data is collected by either electronic means (e.g. subscription to DTG’s newsletter on its webpage) or by means of individual physically filling a form in which they enter their personal data and by signing that form. In case of collecting personal data by electronic means the users are notified of collection of personal data, enables them to read the general terms defining protection of personal data, and requiring accepting these terms. In case of collecting physical forms, the users are given the possibility to read these rules. With electronic collection personal data is (i) automatically transferred into the electronic database managed through a platform for automated marketing (in case of collecting through such platform) or (ii) imported from other databases. In case of physical collection of consents personal data is entered manually into the platform for automated marketing. At the time of adoption of these rules, DTG uses the platform MailChimp©, however reserves the right to change this platform at any time and transfer the database of personal data into the new platform which provides the same level of security of personal data. Physical forms are stored in a locked cabinet in the business premises of House of Illusions which can be accessed only by the manager of House of Illusions and the persons responsible on behalf of DTG for marketing services. Database in the platform is stored for a period of five years, the database can be accessed by the manager of House of Illusions and the persons responsible on behalf of DTG for marketing services. For purposes of carrying out their services access to personal data of individuals can be given to legal and accounting services provided by external partners, for purposes of performance of their legal and accounting services pursuant to the agreements concluded with House of Illusions. In case of latter, personal data is forwarded by the manager of House of Illusions.

9.8. By performing their services, the employees of House of Illusions can come in contact with personal data of business partners who are external contractors or clients of House of Illusions. In case nothing to the contrary is stipulated herein, this data can be accessed by director of DTG, manager of House of Illusions and employees who are in charge for behalf od DTG for marketing and sales. This data is considered as confidential data of House of Illusions and after termination of employment with DTG the former employees have no right to access or handle that data in any way.


10.1. For reasons of health and security it is prohibited in House of Illusions, in addition to prohibitions elsewhere stipulated to:

a) Smoking in House of Illusions is prohibited. It is also desirable that visitors do not smoke at the entrance to House of Illusions.

b) It is prohibited to run, scream or conduct oneself inappropriately in any other way in House of Illusions if it disturbs other visitors of the staff. It is also prohibited to sit on the step or close entrances or doors. Physical or verbal violence over other visitors of staff is strictly prohibited.

c) It is prohibited to take off or in other way tough any of the exhibits or the photos unless it is expressly stipulated otherwise by individual cases and it is in accordance with their use. In case of doubt the visitors are obligated to consult the staff.

d) Not considering security signs or instruction for safety, general and specific which can be given in individual cases by the staff to the visitors to ensure their safety.

e) Not considering fire signals and rules on evacuation. Throughout House of Illusions there are notifications on required conducts in case of fire and in what way to inform the responsible person that there is fire.

f) Entering into those premises that are not intended for visitors without an approval of the staff of House of Illusions.

10.2. In case of breaching the rules, House of Illusions reserves the right to request from the offender to remove themselves from House of Illusions or the staff can even remove that person themselves in case of serious violations with signs of criminal acts or misdemeanours or can even ban from entering or call the police.

10.3. For reasons or safety (in case of crisis events effecting the safety of visitors), the staff of House of Illusions reserves the right to request from the visitors to show content of their bags or purses they have with them and to empty their pockets. In the even such inspection produces object that can be dangerous for people, exhibits or the building, the staff of House of Illusions can withhold such objects until the departure of the visitor, or in case of object of great danger (i.e. gun) can call the police.


11.1. The staff of House of Illusions is recognised by being dressed in a uniform. The staff can at any time request from the visitors to conduct themselves in accordance with the rules of House of Illusions or instructions they give to the visitors to ensure the safety and peace in House of Illusions. Visitors can at any time turn to the staff for needed instructions and explanations.

11.2. In case a visitor does not agree with actions or instructions of the staff, they can file a written complaint to or with the manager of House of Illusions if the manager is present. In case of the latter the complaint is marked in writing. All complaints are considered by the manager of House of Illusions and answered the latest in eight (8) days from their receipt. In addition, any other comments or suggestions are received by DTG in written by sending them to or by regular post address to the manager of House of Illusions.


12.1. On certain days (weekends, holidays, etc.) there can be a que in House of Illusions due to high visit rate. The staff of House of Illusions undertakes at all time to ensure that at any time only an appropriate number of persons is present in House of Illusions which enables normal movement and security. In any such cases the visitors are asked to be patient and considerate to other visitors and staff.

12.2. In consideration of other visitors and the staff it is desired that the visitors of House of Illusions switch off their phones or namely the sound on their phones and not to talk on the phone, and if they do so, to do it discretely and not to disturb other visitors.


13.1. These General Terms and Conditions are valid effective 25th May 2018 and supersede any previous General Terms and Conditions. DTG reserves the right to change at any time GTC without prior notification.

13.2. These GTC are accessible on the webpage of House of Illusions and with the management of House of Illusions.

13.3. All disputes regarding the operations of DTG are primarily resolved amicably. In case an amicable solution is not possible, the dispute shall be resolved by a competent court in Ljubljana. DTG does not acknowledge resolving consumer disputes by way of IPRS

DTG d.o.o.